Monday, February 27, 2012


Just wanna thank God and his splended Universe for my glorious return...

...after successfully taming the shrew of her heart!

Yeah, were more like love birds now!

Remember these links: I'M HAPPY BEING WITH YOU
                                          DATE TO DATE
                                          RAY OF LIGHT

It's official now!

Yeah you're right, WE ARE NOW!

Party time, people!

God is Goodness and Life is Beautiful!


Saturday, February 4, 2012


Thanks God for giving my hands the magic of artistry!

Just done something really really really cool here... the neck of time!

The FEAST ORTIGAS Flyer Project. Done for the benefit of the FEAST ORTIGAS (A Catholic Prayer Meeting Of The Light Of Jesus Family)

Never thought I could spell some nice lay-out in just one night setting. ha ha

 The raw image was given to me with dominant yellow and magenta orientation. My nose bleeds in toning the skins. What I deed is to let the environment jive with the subjects - and there goes the magic! 

God is Goodness and Life is Beautiful!



Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Goodness GOD, I just wanna thank you for this new year of life!

Happy happy New Year Every One, ha ha ha!

This calls for a celebration!

This is a BIG BIG YEAR!

You may have thought once in the past year or years that perhaps you ain't gonna make it. But hey, you're reading this as clear as glass, isn't it?!

Now, give this year a nice shot!

As for me, I claim this year as mine. A year of the best of health for me and my loved ones. Best of everything from A to Z. This gonna be a year of rejuvenation, of newer mental and physical perspective.

This is a year of financial success, abundance, business, best fortune, travel, adventure, discoveries, fun and laughter.

This is a year of my best romance with my special someone - maybe under the pale moonlight or a candlelight dinner, whatsoever.

This is a year of relationship, friendship, best vibes, faith, happiness, joy and all the best things life could ever offer and you can ever ever imagine!

And the greatest of all these ---- is LOVE!

All these I claim in the powerfull Name of Jesus and powerful splendor of His Universe!

Now buddy you might as well claim these or whatever way you want it!

Go ahead - dogde it!!

C'mon I know you can do it! 

Yes, you know you can this 2012 and the year beyond!

New Year! New Hope! New Life!